1792                      Small Batch93.7 proof7
1792                       Sweat Wheat91.2 proof8
1792High Rye94.3 proof8
1792                       Bottled in Bond 100 proof8
1792                       Single Barrel98.6 proof9
1792                      Full Proof125 proof10
Ancient Age 80 proof5
Angel’s Envy80 proof10
Angel’s Envy      2013 Cask Strength123 proof40
Angel’s Envy      2014 Cask Strength119.3 proof40
Angel’s Envy      2015 Cask Strength127.9 proof40
Angel’s Envy      2016 Cask Strength124.6 proof40
Baker’s107 proof8
Basil Hayden’s80 proof7
Benchmark80 proof5
Blade and Bow    91 proof10
Blade and Bow 22yr                                          92 proof40
Blanton’s93 proof10
Blood Oath                                          Pact No. 198.6 proof15
Blood Oath          Pact No. 298.6 proof15
Blood Oath          Pact No. 398.6 proof20
Bond & lillard 100 proof13
Bombergers 108 proof15
Booker’sVaries proof9
Buck 8yr90 proof6
Buffalo Trace90 proof6
BulleitFrontier Whiskey90 proof6
Bulleit 10yrFrontier Whiskey91.2 proof7
Bulleit Barrel Strength 125.4 proof14
Colonel E. H. Taylor Jr.Barrel Proof134.5 proof25
Colonel E. H. Taylor Jr. Single Barell100 proof18
Colonel E. H. Taylor Jr. Small Batch100 proof9
Colonel E. H. Taylor Jr. Seasoned Wood100 proof25
Cotton Hollow 8yr93 proof6
Eagle Rare 10yr90 proof7
Eagle Rare BTAC 17yr90 proof30
Early Times 354 Bourbon80 proof6
Elijah Craig 94 proof7
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof130+ proof12
Elijah Craig 18yrSingle Barrel90 proof27
Elijah Craig 20yrSingle Barrel90 proof30
Elijah Craig 21yrSingle Barrel90 proof35
Elijah Craig 23yrSingle Barrel90 proof40
Elmer T. Lee. Single Barrel90 proof10
Evan Williams80 proof5
Evan WilliamsGreen Label5
Evan Williams Bonded100 proof6
Evan Williams 178386 proof6
Evan Williams Single Barrel (Various Years)86.6 proof9
Ezra B. 12yrSingle Barrel99 proof8
Ezra Brooks90 proof5
Ezra Brooks 101 7yr101 proof6
Fighting Cock103 proof6
Four Roses80 proof6
Four Roses Single Barrel100 proof8
Four Roses Limited Edition 2011 Single Barrel108 proof30
Four Roses Limited Edition 2012 Single Barrel114.4 proof30
Four Roses Limited Edition 2013 Single Barrel119.6 proof30
Four Roses Limited Edition 14yr2016 Single Barrel Elliots Select116.8 proof30
Four Roses Small Batch90 proof7
Four Roses Limited Edition2010 Small Batch110.2 proof25
Four Roses Limited Edition2011 Small Batch110.2 proof25
Four Roses Limited Edition                2012 Small Batch111.4 proof25
Four Roses Limited Edition2013 Small Batch103.2 proof25
Four Roses Limited Edition                2014 Small Batch111.8 proof25
Four Roses Limited Edition                2016 Small Batch111.2 proof25
Four Roses Limited Edition                2017 Small Batch108.6 proof25
Four Roses 50th Anniversary107.8 proof35
George T. StaggProof Varies30
Hancock President’s Reserve    Single Barrel88.9 proof8
Heaven Hill80 proof4
Henry McKenna80 proof5
Henry McKenna 10yrBonded100 proof7
Hirsch SelectionSmall Batch Reserve92 proof15
I.W. Harper82 proof7
I.W. Harper 15yr86 proof25
Jefferson’sVery Small Batch88 proof7
Jefferson'sVery Old Very Small Batch90.2 proof9
Jefferson’s 16yrPresidential Select Twin Oak94 proof40
Jefferson’s 21yrPresidential Select94 proof55
Jefferson’s 25yrPresidential Select94 proof60
Jefferson’s 30yrPresidential Select94 proof65
Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Voyage 390 proof15
Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Voyage 490 proof15
Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Voyage 590 proof20
Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Voyage 690 proof20
Jefferson’s Ocean Aged Voyage 7 Cask Strength112 proof20
Jefferson’s Ocean Aged                    Voyage 890 proof20
Jefferson's Reserve Old Rum Cask Finished90.2 proof16
Jefferson’s Wood Experiment Flight
       Jefferson’s finished aged 5 individual experiments 1/2 oz each40
Jim Beam80 proof5
Jim Beam     Double Oak Twice Barreled86 proof6
Jim Beam Black86 proof6
Jim Beam Bonded100 proof6
Jim Beam 5yrChoice Charcoal Filtered80 proof8
Jim BeamDevil's Cut 90 proof6
Jim BeamDistillers Cut 5-6yrs100 proof5
Jim Beam Distillers MasterpieceSherry Cask Finished100 proof65
Jim Beam Distillers Series 7yr90 proof10
Jim Beam Signature Craft 12yr86 proof8
Jim Beam Signature Craft1/4 Cask Brandy Finished86 proof10
Jim Beam Harvest Collection 11yrBrown Rice90 proof12
Jim Beam Harvest Collection 11yrSoft Red Wheat90 proof12
Jim Beam Harvest Collection 11yrHigh Rye90 proof12
Jim Beam Harvest Collection 11yrWhole Rolled Oat90 proof12
Jim Beam Harvest Collection 11yrSix Row Barley90 proof12
Jim Beam Harvest Collection 11yrTritacale90 proof12
Jim Beam Single Barrel90 proof8
John E. Fitzgerald 20yr          Stitzel-Weller Distillate90 proof1oz - 90
Johnny Drum86 proof5
Joshua Brook 8yr90 proof5
J. R. Ewing80 proof6
J. W. DantBottled in Bond 100 proof5
J. T. S. Brown                                                 80 proof5
Kentucky Tavern80 proof5
Kentucky Vintage90 proof7
Knob Creek100 proof7
Knob Creek 9yrSingle Barrel120 proof8
Knob Creek 14yr2001 Batch 1100 proof30
Knob Creek 25th Ann. 13yrSingle Barrel123.1 proof30
Larceny92 proof6
Maker’s Mark90 proof7
Maker’s Mark Cask Strength113.3 proof12
Maker’s 4694 proof8
Medley Brothers102 proof5
Medley’s Private Stock 10yr     90 proof8
Michter’s Small Batch91.4 proof7
Michter’s Toasted Barrel91.4 proof12
Michter’s 10yrSingle Barrel94.4 proof20
Michter’s 20yrSingle Barrel114.2 proof100
Noah’s Mill114.3 proof9
Old Bardstown 90 proof5
Old BardstownWillett Distilled 90 proof6
Old Bardstown Estate Bottled101 proof8
Old Charter80 proof5
Old Charter 101101 proof7
Old Crow80 proof5
Old Forester86 proof6
Old ForesterStatesman 95 proof 11
Old Forester1870 Original Batch90 proof8
Old Forester1897 Bonded100 proof8
Old Forester1920 Prohibition Style115 proof15
Old Forester 12yrBIrthday Bourbon 201797 proof25
Old ForesterSignature100 proof7
Old ForesterSingle Barrel90 proof8
Old Grand Dad80 proof5
Old Grand DadBottled in Bond 100 proof6
Old Grand Dad 114114 proof7
Old Medley 12yr86.6 proof9
Old Pogue Master Select91 proof9
Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr107 proof30
Old Ripy 104 proof13
Old Taylor80 proof5
Old Whiskey River 6yr86 proof5
Orphan Barrel 15yrForged Oak90.5 proof15
Orphan Barrel 22yrLost Prophet101 proof25
Orphan Barrel 20yrRhetoric90 proof30
Orphan Barrel 21yrRhetoric90 proof25
Orphan Barrel 22yrRhetoric90 proof20
Orphan Barrel 20yrBarterhouse90.2 proof20
Pappy Van Winkle 15yr(seasonal)107 proof50
Pappy Van Winkle 20yr(seasonal)90.4 proof60
Pappy Van Winkle 23yr(seasonal)95.6 proof75
Parker’s Heritage 10yrPromise of Hope96 proof25
Parker’s Heritage 13yrWheat126.8 proof28
Parker’s HeritageBlend of Mashbills 131.6 proof25
Parker’s Heritage 24yrBottled in Bond100 proof50
Parker’s Heritage 8yrMalt108 proof25
Parker’s Heritage 11yrSingle Barrel122 proof30
Pure Kentucky107 proof7
Rebel Yell80 proof5
Rebel Yell Small Batch Reserve90.6 proof6
Rebel Yell 10yrSingle Barrel100 proof12
Rock Hill FarmsSingle Barrel100 proof8
Rowan’s Creek100.1 proof8
Russell’s Reserve 10yr90 proof7
Russell’s ReserveSingle Barrel110 proof9
Stagg Jr.Barrel Strength 134.4 proof15
Tom Sims 80 proof5
Tom Moore Bottled in Bond 100 proof5
Van Winkle Special Reserve 12yrLot "B"90.4 proof40
Very Old Barton86 proof6
Very Old BartonBottled in Bond 100 proof7
Walking StickSingle Barrel90 proof8
Wathen’sSingle Barrel94 proof7
W.L. Weller         Special Reserve90 proof5
W.L. Weller 12yr90 proof8
Weller Antique 107 proof8
Widow Jane 10yr91 proof15
William Larue Weller BTACProof Varies30
Wild Turkey81 proof5
Wild Turkey101 proof6
Wild TurkeyDiamond Anniversary91 proof20
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel101 proof9
Wild Turkey Rare Breed112.8 proof8
Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17yr86.8 proof30
Wild Turkey Master's KeepDecades 104 proof32
Wild Turkey Tradition101 proof20
WillettSmall Batch Small Batch 94 proof8
Woodford Reserve90.4 proof9
Woodford ReserveDouble Oaked90.4 proof9
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Single Barrel90.4 proof10
Woodford Master CollectionBatch Proof 125.8 proof
Woodford Master Collection1838 Sweet Mash86.4 proof25
Woodford Master Collection1838 White Corn90.4 proof25
Woodford Master CollectionBrandy Cask Finish90.4 proof25
Woodford Master CollectionChardonnay Finish86.4 proof25
Woodford Master CollectionSeasoned Oak Finish100.4 proof25
Woodford Master CollectionMaple Wood FInish94.4 proof25
Woodford Master CollectionFour Wood94.4 proof25
Woodford Master CollectionClassic Malt90.4 proof25
Woodford Master CollectionStraight Malt90.4 proof25
Yellowstone Select                                                             93 proof9
Yellowstone 12yr Rye, 7yr Rye, 7yr KSB105 proof25
YellowstoneFinished in Charred Wine Casks101 proof25

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