American Whiskey

A.D. Laws Straight BourbonBonded 4 Grain100 proof 17
Abraham Bowman Rare  Wine Finish100 proof 12
Abraham Bowman Rare    Double Barreled100 proof 20
Abraham Bowman Rare   Last Millennium100 proof 20
Abraham Bowman Rare    Gingerbread Beer Finish90 proof20
Abraham Bowman Rare          High Rye 7yr 9ms100 proof 20
Abraham Bowman Rare    Wheated100 proof 20
Amador Hop Flavored Whiskey96 proof25
Amador  Double BarrelNapaValley Barrel Finish86.8 proof8
Balcones Baby BlueTX Corn Whiskey92 proof7
Balcones Brimstone106 proof9
Balcones True Blue 100TX Corn Whiskey Un-cut100 proof 9
Barrell Bourbon 0075yrStraight Bourbon 122.4 proof18
Barrell Bourbon 0089.5yrStraight Bourbon132.8 proof18
Barrell Bourbon 00913yrStraight Bourbon112.1 proof18
Barrell Whiskey 0029yrSherry Cask Finish 123.8 proof18
Bernheim7yrWheat Whiskey90 proof8
Black Maple Hill Small BatchOregon Straight Bourbon95 proof25
Bone 2yrTX Straight Bourbon90 proof8
Breckenridge Colorado Bourbon86 proof7
Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1125 proof5
Calumet FarmBourbon86 proof8
Catskills Distilling Buckwheat Spirit85 proof25
Catskills Distilling Most Righteous Bourbon85 proof18
Charbay R5 Clear Hop Flavored Whiskey99 proof10
Charbay R5 Aged Hop Flavored Whiskey99 proof12
Colorado GoldStraight Bourbon80 proof7
Conecuh RidgeAlabama Whiskey90 proof7
Early Times         36 Mths in Reused Barrels80 proof5
Garrison Brothers      TX Straight Bourbon94 proof15
Garrison Brothers TX Single Barrel Straight Bourbon94 proof22
Garrison Brothers TX Cowboy Bourbon 2014      136 proof45
Garrison Brothers            TX Cowboy Bourbon 2015      94 proof50
Heaven Hill TryboxEvan Williams White Dog125 proof8
Henry DuYore'sOregon Straight Bourbon 91.3 proof7
Herman MarshallTX Bourbon92 proof7
Herman Marshall (HM80)HM Blend Port Finished80 proof6
High Wire DistillingMadeira Finished Bourbon90 proof15
High West American Prairie92 proof9
High West American Prairie Reserve92 proof9
Hirsch                         Kentucky Straight Corn Whiskey90 proof12
Hochstadter's Slow & Low  Rock & Rye Orange/Honey  84 proof6
Hudson Whiskey Baby Bourbon92 proof20
Hudson WhiskeyFour Grain Bourbon92 proof20
Hudson WhiskeyNew York Corn92 proof20
Hudson WhiskeyDouble Charred 92 proof20
Ironroot Hubris TX2yrStriaght Corn Whiskey 117.8 proof10
James E. Pepper 1776Straight Bourbon100 proof 6
James E. Pepper 1776 15yr92 proof25
Jim Beam Jacob’s GhostWhite Whiskey80 proof6
Jefferson’s Chef CollaborationBourbon and Rye90 proof8
John J. BowmanSingle Barrel Virginia Whiskey100 proof 8
Little BookBlend of Straight BeamWhiskey128.2 proof18
Mellow Corn Bonded Straight Corn Whiskey100 proof 5
Metze’s Select 2015Medley of 3 MGP bourbons             93 proof15
Michter’s US-1Sour Mash86 proof8
Michter’s US-1American Small Batch83.4 proof7
Orphan Barrel Gifted Horse115 proof15
Prichard’sLincoln County Lightning90 proof6
Ranger Creek .36TX Bourbon Whiskey96 proof9
Ransom Emerald 1865  Straight American Whiskey          86 proof20
Sam HoustonAmerican Whiskey86 proof7
Smooth Ambler Yearling   3yr3ms   Small Batch Bourbon92 proof8
Smooth Ambler  American Whiskey92 proof8
Smooth Ambler ContradictionBlend of Straight Bourbons                100 proof 12
Smooth Ambler Old Scout7yr99 proof8
Smooth Ambler Old Scout10yr100 proof 10
Smooth Ambler Old Scout   8yrSingle Barrel          108 proof15
Smooth Ambler Old Scout9yrSingle Barrel104.8 proof15
Smooth Ambler Old Scout11yrSingle Barrel 97 proof15
Temptation3yrAmerican Straight Bourbon82 proof6
TX Firestone & Robertson TX Straight Bourbon90 proof10
Virginia Gentleman90 proof6
Whitmeyer’s TXSingle Barrel Straight Bourbon112 proof13
Wild Turkey Forgiven Bourbon and Rye 91 proof12
Wyoming Whiskey88 proof9
Yellow Rose TX Outlaw Bourbon92 proof12

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